Happy Easter!

easter high school catch up

Easter is a little different for me this year, 2015.

Every year my high school friends and I would gather together on one of the four days we have off, to spend time together.

It’s usually pot luck or like 2014 we had pancakes. Mostly though, it is time set aside to come together as a big bunch and catch up on each others lives.

pancakes fresh fruit

I’ve found that over the years since graduating high school, that it gets more and more difficult to keep in touch. So these biannual meetings (Easter and Christmas) are a way to be in each others lives distantly.

This year however, I sprained my right wrist the week before this Easter 😦

So wasn’t able to prepare a space to gather nor make little gifts to give.

bunny head lemon macaroon DIY gift

My wrist needs a few weeks to heal and rehabilitate, but in the meantime I look forward to share with you some of the recipes that have been tried and loved by those who are in my sample of lab rats 😛 .

Also, feel free to pop in the comments box any recipes you’d like me to try once I’m better ^^. It’s good to know what you guys are hoping to learn to create in your own kitchens.

Happy Easter 🐣!

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