Potato Salad

potato salad

I always find it so fascinating that food not only bring people together, but also reminds us of special moments in life.

This salad is one that reminds me of a close friend whom I hold very dear to my heart.

I was given the pleasure of being introduced to this salad as a result of one of the many potluck sessions my high school friends and I have had over the years.

At one point, I made it compulsory for every person who came to these catch ups to make the dish. No take away allowed. 😛

It was a challenge many of my friends grumbled and whined about with “do we really have to?” or “I’m not a good cook” or “I can’t cook”. Especially the friend who came up with this salad.

After all the whining and pleading every girl brought something to the table that they made. And so the tastings began.

I think this salad surprised her as much as I was delighted to have a new go to salad in my life.

potato salad

The salad has a perfect balance of creaminess to potato to onion to bacon ratio.

I think what makes it extra special is the whole egg mayonnaise and sour cream combination used.

I highly encourage you to give it a go and see for yourself how addictive this salad is

It’s a crowd pleasure at parties I’ve taken it to, because it’s a vegetable everyone is familiar with.

You can’t stop at just a tiny bowlful or you’ll find yourself picking at the whole bowl and in no time it’ll be all gone! O_o

Potato Salad

5 medium Potatoes (I like to use desiree potatoes, because they hold their shape when cooked and mixed)
6 Spring Onions, thinly sliced
250g Bacon
1 cup Whole Egg Mayonnaise
1/2 cup Sour Cream

potato salad

Wash and cut up potatoes into bite size cubes

Place into a medium sized pot and add water

On high heat, bring the pot to a boil and simmer for about 10mins or until potatoes are cooked

Once cooked, drain and run water over the potatoes to stop the cooking process and transfer to a baking tray

Place the tray of potatoes into the fridge for about 1-2 hours

In the meantime prepare the bacon by slicing into small pieces

Fry the bacon in a frying pan until crispy

Transfer the cooked bacon onto a few pieces of kitchen towel to drain excess oil

Slice up spring onions finely

When potatoes are cool, transfer them into a large bowl

Combine the mayonnaise and sour cream in a seperate bowl

Put the bacon, spring onions and mayonnaise sour cream on top of potatoes and mix

Add salt and pepper to taste

Refrigerate a final time for 1-2 hours or even better overnight (I find when refrigerated overnight the flavors are better)

Take it to a party, or family get together to enjoy!

Try not to consume the whole bowl on your own 😛 if you can resist

Adapted from bestrecipes.com

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