The end of a long chapter of life into a new adventure

Paris macaroons


So……..I am off to Paris this week! 😀

It’s been a long journey to come to this next part of my journey in life. Letting go of a routine that I’ve been doing for about 4 years, into a new adventure 😀

It’s so EXCITING! I am going to attend Le Cordon Bleu in Paris.

A hospitality school that I learnt about through the movie “Julie and Julia” (a must watch! If you have not seen it yet)

Let me give you all a tad of a background, I’ll try to be short.

I’m what you would describe as a “safe” person, I graduated high school, and went straight into university then onto working life. Adventure is A LOT not a bit daunting for me. O_o

At the young age of 16, not only did I want security that I’d get a job after university, but I was one who didn’t really know what I wanted to do on graduating high school. Speaking to the careers counselor, I expressed that all I wanted was to care for people and get a university degree quick so that I could travel the globe whilst also earning money. Hence, I was pointed into the direction of nursing. I studied about 3 years and then went on to find a job close to home.

In my first year out, I did manage to travel the world in the 6 weeks annual leave I was given. But something inside me wanted much more, I just didn’t feel satisfied in nursing.

I must be honest here, nursing has been both challenging and rewarding. The profession has taught me a lot about life and its preciousness. I can say that there are so many life lessons I have been taught right throughout my time as a nurse, which I will take with me for life.

However, over the last year and a half it’s been quite a struggle. I didn’t know it then that nursing was driving my quality of life into the ground. Not until I injured my wrist at work did I realize, that my life in nursing was consuming me so much to the point that I didn’t enjoy the simple things in life anymore. Which has led me to take action and that this is the time to let go and move on.

It was not actually a shock, because I’d been planning this new chapter of life for a little under 2 years. But I guess, it’s never easy for ideals to become reality. Most of the time when they do, there’s always a struggle with letting go of the past in order to accept the future and take hold.

I’m still learning to let it all go, and I still sometimes during the day and deepest of nights feel as lost as ever, but I know the choice to leave nursing  is all to benefit me and help me to learn to enjoy life again.

Now let’s get onto the exciting stuff 😀

I’ve always had a thing for baking and cooking. Since I could remember, I loved seeing the faces of my friends and family light up when I shared with them the profits of recipe experimenting.

Two years ago, a friend and neighbor of mine (baking&i) rekindled their friendship with me. She shared with me her passions in life, and helped me to wonder and discover my own. I am very fortunate and grateful to have met someone who has similar interests and passions in life, to walk with me. With her encouragement and a little bit of fluffing around it has led me to consider and then take a bold step and apply to study again. O_o

I’m excited to be finally following my dream of going to another country ALONE O_o ,  to study (to do what I love) and explore a new city, which I’d only ever dreamt of going to.

I will be there for a few months. Whilst I am there, I hope to share my journey with you through food and little treasured findings or mishaps (I get lost easily 😛 but I will persevere and get better at not doing that)

I’m not sure where this adventure will take me, but I know that I am very privileged to have this opportunity open up to me and I must take hold and have fun.

I invite you all to come along for the journey with me to Paris 😀 . I’ll continue to update the blog and post up new recipes.

And finally, I haven’t gotten here on my own. To God and to all those who have helped me, encouraged me, supported and still support me, been there when I’ve cried, been there when I made painful but real decisions. I just want to say THANK YOU! 😀

Talk to you all from France,

Au Revoir!

Hilda xx

6 thoughts on “The end of a long chapter of life into a new adventure

  1. Sally says:

    Hilda I have your details and I mean to ring before you leave. Did you get my comment that I missed you at work? Now you are almost on your way. I can still remember talking about this..will you go or not etc. and now it is almost here. As for getting lost. Maybe in Paris getting lost will give you some wonderful experiences. And discoveries. Just learn the underground system. I am told it is so good. Know where you are living. And learn learn as much as you can. XX Sally


  2. Sandra DC says:

    Dear hilda, iv wan to take this opportunity to thank you for all type all on the ward as i was learning. Without your patience and knowledge i would not have been half the nurse iv an today. All the best on your new journey, always remember that we are the only ones that can make our dreams come true and ib am so happy that you are finally doing that. God bless and have a safe, wonderful and full filing trip. Love Sandra xxxx


    • Choyful. says:

      Aww….Sandra…. You’ve also taught me a lot about not letting pressure nor others bad opinions squash you from the things you love! Keep pursing what you want to do in life… I love your constant positive attitude in life towards life❤


  3. Natalie Mitchell says:

    Hilda! What fantastic news! Paris is just amazing and what a journey you have taken to get to this point. It is through the darkest and most dissatisfied moments that we truly learn what makes us happy. Life is such a precious gift with no guarantees, make the most of each moment, take hold of that happiness and explore its every avenue.
    I wish you nothing but happiness on this journey and look forward to following you on your Parisian adventure. Xo


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