In transit to Paris ~ Hong Kong

Hong Kong tram

Hello from Hong Kong!

I arrived in Hong Kong two days ago and it is HOoOOoooOOT! (humid summers)

Over the last 2 and half days I’ve been eating my heart out πŸ˜€ with the foods I don’t normally get to eat so freely in Melbourne πŸ˜›

My dearest cousin has been on this munching journey with me πŸ˜€

Day of arrival

It all started once I got off the plane and whisked away by my aunty to their apartment.

There she had hearty zong zi (glutenous rice dumplings) and black garlic, which I happily consumed. On the plane I felt nauseous!!! (I’ve never been nausous on a plane before, the cousin thinks it’s because of my age 😦 )

Asian glutenous rice ball black garliczong zi

Day 1

Cousin and I started the day at a little cafe called “Bien Bistro”

Here we had some thing called a Churro Doughnut. I don’t usually like chrruos because they are usually too chewy for my liking and taste like oil.

HOWEVER!! This dish was light crispy outside and then was soft and lightly chewy on the inside. It was like eating a cloud O_o

churro doughnut

Churro doughnuts

We were also lucky enough to see that the chefs were preparing a few dishes for a magazine photographer and caught the boss doing this πŸ˜›


Next stop Gale Cafe

My cousin tells me this is a very old fashioned Hong Kong style cafe, and we can tell by how crampedΒ and the decor inside.


There is a common practice called “table sharing” in Hong Kong, where you can be at a table that is meant for 4 people, but you share it with people you don’t know.

So, my cousin and I sat with two other people who also did not know each other, so there were 3 bills on this table.

We shared an omelette which I’m pretty sure could have easily used 4 eggs and feed a small family, between the two of us and two drinks

milk tea omelette

Omelette and Hong Kong milk tea

For afternoon tea, my cousin took me to a cute little cheesecake shop for high tea πŸ˜€


High tea cheesecakes


Peechy cheesecake

I had a “Peachy” cheesecake with peach filling, and my cousin a cheesecake cupcake.

Super light and yummy, not too sweet not too heavy for my tummy.

It took me awhile to realize it was a cheesecake shop. Until I took time to evaluated the name of the store “Cheesess” that I realized that it was a cheesecake shop πŸ˜›

We then attempted to go and try find egg waffles.

But it seems that I will have to scout them out when I return from Paris, because when we found the store we were looking for it was closed for just THAT DAY! Of ALL days to have a rest day :(, but nonetheless we had a bit of an adventure.

We passed through a street market. I haven’t been to one of these since I was a child so it brought back a lot of memories with my mum shopping for food and bartering πŸ™‚


Fresh Tofu

Hong Kong Market

Veggies on tables and baskets


Queen of the fruits ~ Mangosteen πŸ˜€




Eggs, Eggs Eggs πŸ™‚


Fish cakes ^^


Mini Pumpkins ~ Halloween anyone? πŸ˜€


Winte rmelon


Luo Han Guo


Dried seafood

Day 2

My first SOLO meal O_o .

I don’t like eating on my own, but today I took a first step to overcoming this uncomfortable business.

I went to eat CONGEE (rice soup) with you tiao (Asian deep fried dough sticks).

Century egg pork congee and you tiao a Asian fried dough stick

Century egg and pork mince congee with fried dough stick

This store I ate at, apparently is a store my dad also ate at growing up. SO it was quite sentimental to get to sit in perhaps a spot where my dad might have had breakfast when he was a younger man πŸ™‚ .

Lunch time, I joined my cousin and a workmate of hers and we had hand sliced noodles.

Hand Slice noodles

Sliced Noodles

It was super hot that day, but somehow consuming these thick luscious noodles was so comforting and warming in the heart. ^_^

I didn’t think I could consume anymore, BUT I really really wanted to eat a puff pastry egg tart and have milk tea. So she took me to buy both items and I had them for afternoon tea πŸ˜€

Egg tart

Egg tart

Hence concludes my 2 and half day adventure in Hong Kong. It will continue when I get back from my adventures in Paris. Not that the seeking and eating of good food will stop once I leave Hong Kong πŸ˜›

See you all in Paris πŸ˜€

Hilda x

One thought on “In transit to Paris ~ Hong Kong

  1. Sally says:

    You’ll get fat! Better walk heaps.most looked so yummy. Wish I knew where those places were when we went to HK. Sent my email before I read this. Better get some boring house work done or I’ll be in trouble. XX


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