Paris Adventures Before School Begins



I made it to Paris 😀 after a LOOOooOoNG 12 hour flight.

It’s two days before school begins, and I’ve already eaten and seen so many beautiful things here.

Let me take you on a tour of my version of the Parisian experience. Very limited at the moment, but let’s hope I can build up.

I’m living currently in an AirBnB hired apartment in the 15th arrondissement (kind of like a suburb which refer to as in Melbourne).

It’s a quiet suburban area but FULL of so many places to explore, although I did venture outside my arrondissement too.

I’ll share with you the most memorable moments over the past few days, I’ll also link the address to the places in case ONE DAY you all decide to come to France for your own adventure 😀

Day 1

I woke up super early and went down to a small pastry/bakery shop (known as boulangerie-pâtisserie in French) near the the corner of Rue de Vaugirard and Rue Cambronne


Here I bought myself my first chocolate croissant (pain au chocolat).

DSC00082 DSC00083

It was the first time I spoke French to a REAL FRENCH person.

I sounded a little bit like a child, I could only really say “une chocolate croissant.” The kind lady knew what I wanted and politely corrected my French and said “Une pain au chocolate” I did try 😛

This croissant was AMAZING!!!! O_o

The light and airy layers of buttery pastry with two pieces of chocolate. Mine was actually still warm when I bought it.. I had to pace myself to chew and savor the airy goodness. I wanted more, but stopped myself because I needed my stomach for other goodies 😀

I went to a market between rue Alain-Chartier and rue de l’Abbé-Groultnear a station named Convention (line 12). A short 15 minute walk from my apartment

This is an outside market and sells fresh produce from vegetables to meat to seafood. Felt like a farmers market, but super CHEAP!

Here are a few stands I bought from.

I bought a few days worth of fruits vegetables here, I decided that I will cook one meal a day to get my fibre and bowels going, so I won’t get clogged up from eating all that butter 😀



Vegetable stands were an experience :D. People would line up along side the stand and the server would move up the line and serve each customer! It’s nothing like I’ve ever seen.

In Melbourne we just pick up our vegetables and pay for it when we’re done. But, here in Paris, you get service!

I did not really understand what everyone was saying, but it seemed that each server would also let their familiar customers know what’s new or what’s fresh. Some even got to sample juicy apricots, which I bought after seeing the tasting reactions of some of the customers.

And their reactions ran true. The apricots were so juicy, I wished I’d bought more than just 2.


White asparagus

It was very interesting to watch and participate. The French are so socially mindful especially at this market. It was SUPER busy!!!


weird looking tomato 😛

I wanted to eat a baguette for lunch. BUT they are so LOOOONG i wasn’t sure if I could finish one in one go. So I decided to DIY my own.

Baguette making

Baguette making

OH MY GOODNESS! The baguette was not like any bread I’d ever tasted before. It was so tasty 😀

Someone once said to me “The bread in France just isn’t bread”, I can finally empathize with them. I totally wanted to engulf the whole loaf in one go 😛 but I felt so full after eating half.

I wanted my baguette with cheese and cold meats


Cheese stand

Hams, Salamis and other cold cut meats were sold by the gram and sliced for you fresh O_o


Sliced Panchetta

On my stroll home, I saw this interesting situation.


How Parisian’s move in

Someone was moving into their own home. Instead of moving everything via the front door of the apartment, they used this machine that elevated goods up to the balcony window and were transferred into the apartment. O_o

After lunch, I decided I wanted to eat ice cream 😀

Which lead me on a 1 hour walk through Paris in search of a store by the name of Grom

GROM ice cream

Chocolate and pistachio gelato

I didn’t expect there to be many people, but there was a long line. But it was worth the wait.

I don’t think I can eat ice cream the same way after this. It was SO smooth and so true to the flavors that they were named.

Pistachio tasted like I was consuming a REAL one. Whilst chocolate was so smooth, rich and decadent.

After eating this cone, I continued to savour this enjoyable experience for my 1 hour walk back to my apartment. IT WAS THAT GOOD!

On my way back I passed through a beautiful garden – Luxembourg Gardens

It was beautiful!

I didn’t get that many pictures, because I was too busy people watching 😛


Hall of trees

The children were all running around pony riding, miniature boating, playing soccer. Whilst adults were lounging around on chairs provided soaking up the sun and just relaxing.


Miniature Boating

It was very relaxing. To see people just having a good time and enjoying the summer sun!

My final destination on this wonderful first day out and about definitely had to include French crepes!

I was told by a friend that the best ones they’d had were really close to my school, right out side Vaugirard station.


This crepe man, rents out a little spot connected to a restaurant and makes moist chewy and yummy crepes. I have yet to try other flavors but already the chicken and cheese crepe has won my heart.


Chicken and cheese crepe

Day 2

I was not feeling too well this morning, I think I was coming down with a cold.

But nothing a trip to the pharmacy could not fix dosed up on some cold and flu tablets from my local pharmacist two streets down from my mini apartment.

No sickness can hold me down from exploring! 😛

Although I did tone down exploring to two places. One lunch place and one Paris attraction, as to not over do it since school started the next day 🙂

I met up with my cousin from Hong Kong who had been back packing Europe on his own.

Such a brave man!

We had lunch at a place called (Nanashi) then went to see Paris from above at Galeries Lafayette Haussmann


View of Paris from above

Two words, breathtakingly beautiful!

I’m looking forward to exploring more of this city alongside studying the art of pastry making 😀

Thank you for coming along for the adventure and I hope that you enjoyed it!

Hilda x

5 thoughts on “Paris Adventures Before School Begins

  1. Eva says:

    Hi Hilda,
    Sorry I didnt get a chance to farewell you!!!!
    Xoxo I hope you have an excellent trip with full of amazing adventures in France. I remember being there and loved it especially the hilltop views and my yummy morning fresh crossiants. And sadly missed buying my “dior” bag…. (expensive but cheaper than oz) haha
    Be safe & have a great time.
    We catch up on ur experiences when u get back!!
    Love, Eva


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