Le Cordon Bleu training begins….

Apple Tart

Apple Tart

Hello! Apologies for not being on time with posts ><”

School began about 10 days ago, and I haven’t had a single real moment to reflect and think about what to share with all of you.

One word that keeps popping up is intense. The course is labeled “Intensive Basic Patisserie”, and let me assure you, it has been INTENSE!

Days usually comprise of at least one demonstration class (3 hours), where chef shows and teaches techniques you will have to replicate in practical class (3hours). A minimum of 6 hours of class a day. We’re already up to lesson 8, that is 48 hours of baking!!!

Madeleines - Apparently the

Madeleines – Apparently the “heads” on these pastries are its main feature O_o I’ve been displaying my madeleines the wrong way all this time

However, it has been fun at the same time 😀 . I’ve been learning the little back stories behind why we need to do certain things, how to be more efficient, what to avoid doing etc. Most importantly I’m learning new techniques and recipes I thought were too scary to attempt ( 😛 Puff pastry).


Palmiers – My FIST TIME ever making puff pastry and it was successful! 😀

I have also met a wide range and very interesting people and heard their stories and journey’s to coming to Le Cordon Bleu Paris.

There are so many different countries in one class! Mexican, Taiwan, SIngapore, Belgium, South Korea, USA, Canada… So many I can’t remember. But one thing is universal 😀 it is we all speak very good English and limited French 😛 .


^^ My fellow classmates – photo courtesy of Angela Lin

It’s been difficult for me to adapt here in France, in terms of daily living as the language barrier is a big issue. Daily life is difficult if you don’t speak French, because most Parisians have limited English skills.


Gataeu Basque

HOWEVER! Those that do speak English, generally pipe up and help out.

I had one incident in the post office trying to buy a cardboard box to send things home (I know already, haha but trust me it’s all the school books and extra bits school has given me that I’m shipping home first), the lady who served me spoke close to no English, and a young French man translated to me in English how to fill out the appropriate sections in order for French post to post out my item. Totally my highlight of the day, that day 😛 , (someone I could communicate with!).

Eclairs & Choux Pastries

Eclairs & Choux Pastries

Other instances would be at the markets, I would just point and say the items in English and generally the person serving me would repeat the vegetable or fruits to me in French.

Another would be at more international shops like Galeries Lafayette. They have people standing there ready to speak English, haha…

OR my two ultimate good friends, who are not people 😦 have been amazing! Google Maps and Google Translator 😛 they’ve helped me get around. I don’t know how I would have survived with just a map.

Rasin Biscuts & Marshal's Batons

Rasin Biscuts & Marshal’s Batons

Apart from school, I have managed to drag my self out a few times to seek out yummy pastires and explored a TINY bit. But yes school is deadly draining.

1. Galaries Lafayette Home & Maison


L’éclair de Génie

A classmate of mine recommended I head down to Galaries Lafayette Home & Maison, and check out their food hall. O_o It was pretty amazing!

She recommended me to try L’éclair de Génie’s salted caramel. BUT when I got there they were all sold out, so I picked their passionfruit raspeberry. It was very nice 😀 , I will go back and try the salted caramel when the siblings arrive in Paris.

2. Pierre Hermé Patissarie


Pierre Hermé

I also went to the Pierre Hermé counter and bought her recommended macaroon too :D. Passionfruit and chocolate flavour. She recommended me to take it home and put it in the fridge to firm up and then ENJOY!

And ENJOY I did!!!!!!! I must be honest and say, I’m not a big lover of macaroon, but this one was very nice. Haha, I don’t know how to explain it, the texture, the flavours, a whole party was in my mouth. So, please try at least one if you ever get to come to Paris. Please?

3. Le Bac à glaces


Le Bac à glaces

My neighbour recommended this place to try their citron and basil flavoured sorbet. It was interesting :P. I walked about 40mins that day in the sun to find this place so it was nice sour and very refreshing!

4. Gérard Mulot Patisserie


Gérard Mulot

OHHHHHhhhh!!! This strawberry tart!!!! Was really good. I actually walked passed this pastry shop a few times, before I decided to go and buy something. I wasn’t sure why I did that, but I couldn’t quite decide what I wanted to try until the last time I went by.

It was SO GOOD! I now wonder WHHY!?! I waited so long. It was the pastry base that made this tart so awesome for me. SUPER CRUMBLY and BUTTERY!!!

This pastry chef is well known for his fruit tarts, but he also has a selection of other pastries, I also had my very first French eclair (chocolate) from here as well. 😀

5. Sadaharu Aoki Patisserie


Sadaharu Aoki Patisserie

This was a Japanese inspired little pastry shop. The sweetess was just right for me at this store. Not too much and not too little. The little cake satisfied my craving for matcha goods, with red bean and chocolate layer and a crunchy chewy layer too! SO GOOD!

These are just a few of the places I was able to squeeze into a hectic school scheduled 😛

This is just a quick update of my time here in Paris. I will continue to be diligent and pay attention in class, as well as go exploring more of Paris to share with you. I also invite you all to check out my Instagram. I’m much better updating my journey in picture form, if you’re interested 😛

Apple Turn overs & Palmiers

Apple Turn overs & Palmiers

Until next week!

Hilda xx

2 thoughts on “Le Cordon Bleu training begins….

  1. Sally says:

    Hilda we were just talking about you last week, wondering how it was all going. No wonder you haven’t been blogging. Very busy. Makes me so hungry just looking at the photos. And sounds like you are having some good times. Great. Sleep well! Love Sally


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