En Route home from Paris via Hong Kong adventures Update


HELLOOOOOoooooOOOoooo! From Hong Kong :D!

The flight from Paris to Hong Kong was shorter than the way there, only 10.5 hours. I’m not sure if it was because I couldn’t sleep from excitement the night before or just generally tired, but I was zonked out throughout the entire flight. It felt shorter than it really was haha… πŸ˜›

My very kind and loving uncle and cousin came to pick me up.Β They also broke news to me that we have 2 other housemates! Cold blooded housemates O_o



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Paris Adventures & Le Cordon Bleu Training Update 4


Time flies when you’re having fun πŸ˜€

I realised it’s 10 days since I’ve updated you all on the happenings of life here in Paris. SO much has happened and so many adventures to tell you about!

First I had exams and PASSED πŸ˜€ and graduation was yesterday πŸ˜€


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Paris Adventures & Le Cordon Bleu Training Update 3


Woah! Time really flies when you’re very badly sick and learning new things πŸ˜›

The weekend before last week, I had the company of my siblings for a few days in Paris.

Also thanks to my wonderful little brother I was graced with some Melbourne flu/cold thing which gave me fever of 38.5 degrees for 2 days and laryngitis. BUT! Really what doesn’t heal with time πŸ˜€ I’m a whole lot better this week a part from lingering sputum, which makes me cough every so often (gross I know, but I know it’ll be all gone by next week.)

But even when one is sick, we must keep making pastries πŸ˜›


Made so much bread it could feed 4 families O_o

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Paris adventures & Le Cordon Bleu Training update 2

Eiffiel tower

Hello :D!

Woah! I can’t believe it’s already halfway through the course, we’re at lesson 10 already :D.


Dacquoise cake with marzipan rose ( πŸ˜› first rose I ever made)

Although it’s getting more intense and challenging, I am learning new things about my physical strength. HAHA… everything at school is done BY HAND! Literally in this picture above, each class member had to whip up 5 egg whites to make the meringue sponges and 7 egg yolks with HOT cooked sugar and cold butter to make the beautiful praline buttercream.

Intense but FUN :D.

Here I must thank the people who have been praying for my wrist and encouraging me to keep positive. I was tentative at the beginning, because I felt a bit of aching pain after the first two lessons of making pastry dough and was afraid of my wrist would hurt more or worse re-injure myself. But it has been going very well, everyday my wrist has gotten stronger and I believe it’s 100% now and I’m no longer afraid πŸ˜€ THANK YOU!

The school timetable is pretty intense, but we’ve been lucky to be given 2 LONG weekends.

A classmate and I decided to take advantage of this long weekend to see a museum and patisserie hop. (:P haha, I know I am still able to eat pastries even though surrounded by it all day long at school.)

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