Paris adventures & Le Cordon Bleu Training update 2

Eiffiel tower

Hello :D!

Woah! I can’t believe it’s already halfway through the course, we’re at lesson 10 already :D.


Dacquoise cake with marzipan rose ( πŸ˜› first rose I ever made)

Although it’s getting more intense and challenging, I am learning new things about my physical strength. HAHA… everything at school is done BY HAND! Literally in this picture above, each class member had to whip up 5 egg whites to make the meringue sponges and 7 egg yolks with HOT cooked sugar and cold butter to make the beautiful praline buttercream.

Intense but FUN :D.

Here I must thank the people who have been praying for my wrist and encouraging me to keep positive. I was tentative at the beginning, because I felt a bit of aching pain after the first two lessons of making pastry dough and was afraid of my wrist would hurt more or worse re-injure myself. But it has been going very well, everyday my wrist has gotten stronger and I believe it’s 100% now and I’m no longer afraid πŸ˜€ THANK YOU!

The school timetable is pretty intense, but we’ve been lucky to be given 2 LONG weekends.

A classmate and I decided to take advantage of this long weekend to see a museum and patisserie hop. (:P haha, I know I am still able to eat pastries even though surrounded by it all day long at school.)

We chose to go to Musee d’Orsay. It is a nice small sized museum we got through it in about 3 hours.


Musee d’Orsay – Museum in a train station

I actually didn’t really know that Musee d’Orsay was an old train station turned into a museum. It was pretty amazing inside!


Musee d’Orsay – Clock tower at the fifth floor, you can see Sacre Coeur from here, but on camera it comes out tincy wincy. A beautiful sight!

I’m not a big museum goer, BUT I found this lovely museum the right size. I didn’t get bored πŸ˜›

Hehe, there were a few artists that I saw that I knew :D.


Blue dancers by Edgar Degas


Monet’s garden πŸ˜€ – I will be going to see his gardens for REAL over the next few weeks at Giverny, so they won’t just be paintings anymore ^^


This painting by Van Gogh, makes you feel like you’re on the same road O_o and walking towards the church


Van Gogh, haha this picture scared me a bit, at every angle it looks like he’s staring at you O_o

After walking through this amazing museum and feeling somewhat cultured πŸ˜› , we went out to eat yummy pastries.

My classmate took me to a cafe called Pouchkine.


This pastry shop that is known for it’s medovick and napoleon.

Here I also had my first coffee in 3 weeks and it was really good! However! Coffee here in Paris in most places is not like home… OH!!! How I miss Melbourne cafes and their drinks.

The waiters here are SO NICE, and are willing to converse in English. When we asked them about how the cake is made or the layers in the medovick cake, they happily shared with us their knowledge of the layers in the cake. It was so yummy :D.

After that, we were SO HOT, we decided to head home for a bit of a rest and then head out at night to see the Eiffel tower πŸ˜€


I hadn’t actually seen it for real yet haha… even though I have been here a few weeks now.

My classmate took me to see it whilst the sunsets and we also caught the lovely light show on the Eiffel tower.


Eiffel tower light show at 10pm

It’s one word HUGE! I realised whilst strolling today that I can see the Eiffel tower from one of the streets near my apartment O_o .

The following day, we started the day a little bit later and went first for a slightly more savoury affair.

We went to a cafe called Breizh Cafe, that served both savoury and sweet crepes. However, their specialty is buckwheat savoury crepes.


Mushroom, cheese, ham & egg buckwheat crepes πŸ˜€

At the time I didn’t know that this cafe, was so popular it is very difficult to get a seating without reservation. But my classmate had made it a point we left our homes early so that we got there just a little bit before lunch time.

We were seated within 5 minutes of arriving, and after 12pm, it was when I realised that they were turning people away if they didn’t have a reservation. So it was very fortunate we arrived early :D.

So please make sure you make a reservation if you have a large group more than 4 people, or turn up early around 11am πŸ˜€

We shared a table with a grandmother and 3 grand children. My classmate and I were so amused and fascinated at how well mannered these children were at the eating table. We guessed that they were aged between 6 to 11 years old. Did you know Paris children get to use real cutlery in school to teach them table etiquette?

After this we went for something sweet, at Ble Sacre.


This lovley little place is famous for making MASSIVE madelienes and in Paris.


Madeleine tins for decoration

Haha πŸ˜› they even sold the massive tins to make at home yourself.


Massive madeleine tin to buy if you wanted to attempt it at home πŸ˜›

Its chocolate croissants are also boasted in Paris as one of the best, which of course we took home to eat because we were too full πŸ˜›

Hehe, apparently now I’ve eaten two the best of the best croissants in Paris πŸ˜€

The other place I accidentally stumbled upon on my daily google search for breakfast close to where I live was atΒ Des GΓ’teaux et du Pain, at the beginning of the week. πŸ˜› But as usual I was a little hesitant to go out because it has been heating up here in Paris and so I’ve become a bit more lazy. I did managed to get myself there after a few days of pondering and discovered how BEAUTIFUL the croissant was and how cool it was in the shop :P.


I ate my first plain croissant here and it was so light airy but also buttery xD and a chocolate one for the in between 9 hour day I would be going through that day as my lunch with GALLONS of water


Here I cut it open for one of my besties to see inside because she’s obsessed with LAYERS in croissants πŸ˜›

This long weekend all in all was very fun packed full of adventure and very satisfied tummies :D.

I will share more of the happenings of this week that is almost coming to a close in the next post because I’d really like to sleep! O_o I still cannot believe it’s already half way through the curriculum! O_o

Good night!

Hilda x

2 thoughts on “Paris adventures & Le Cordon Bleu Training update 2

  1. Sally says:

    So jealous of the pastries….makes ,me want to come to Paris again. I visited way way back in 1979!! You better keep walking too Hilda. As for Giverny, it will look superb. You might even see tree peonies in flower.
    XX Sally


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