Paris Adventures & Le Cordon Bleu Training Update 3


Woah! Time really flies when you’re very badly sick and learning new things πŸ˜›

The weekend before last week, I had the company of my siblings for a few days in Paris.

Also thanks to my wonderful little brother I was graced with some Melbourne flu/cold thing which gave me fever of 38.5 degrees for 2 days and laryngitis. BUT! Really what doesn’t heal with time πŸ˜€ I’m a whole lot better this week a part from lingering sputum, which makes me cough every so often (gross I know, but I know it’ll be all gone by next week.)

But even when one is sick, we must keep making pastries πŸ˜›


Made so much bread it could feed 4 families O_o

Last week, we learnt to make my favourite pastry EVER, the croissant πŸ˜€


Chef let us take photos πŸ˜€


My babies πŸ˜€


Chef showing us how to do chocolate croissants


They’re growing ^^

MMmmmm.... I would like to attempt again when I return to Melbourne, I want to try get more layers... so will need some hungry beavers to consume them.

MMmmmm…. I would like to attempt again when I return to Melbourne, I want to try get more layers… so will need some hungry beavers to consume them.

Up until this point we’ve been learning how to make very traditional French pastries, however we have now ventured into the mousse world! πŸ˜€


Pear Charlotte


Mogador – it sounds as though this cake came from the movie The Lord of the Rings πŸ˜›

School is almost coming to an end, I did my first written exam on Monday with the practical exam to follow next Wednesday O_o

We’re up to lesson 17 out of 20!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!?!?!

I lost a whole week of pastry eating, but I did manage to get to a few places with my siblings before I got so sick and found that I could only go to school, go home, eat, sleep, go to school.

On arriving to Paris, my little brother was so sick he couldn’t get out of my apartment for 2 whole days. My sister had made reservations to a castle super far from Paris somewhere in Providence, So I decided to skip off with a classmate to Giverny and see Monet’s gardens and home.


We met up early in the morning and made out way to Saint Larzie station. We kind of got a little bit lost whilst navigating our way through a ticket machine, as the information desks at this train station were closed on a Saturday 😦


However, two lovely French people gave us a hand and we managed to buy our tickets to a place called Vernon. The blog we tried to follow’s instructions were very confusing. Without the help of those lovely ENGLISH speaking French people we wouldn’t have realised we needed to get to Vernon station and then take a special bus to the little village.


It was a lovely 30 minute train ride then 15 minute bus ride and we got to Monet’s garden and home.


Double decker train with AIR CON…. Oh!!! how I miss air con…. Europe doesn’t seem to fancy the idea of this wonderful invention…. haha well I’ve survived so far πŸ˜›

It seriously was so perfect. The weather was just right, maybe a little tad on the warmer side, but light breeze.

Perfect sunlight which got me these beautiful pictures. πŸ˜€


Monet’s lily pads and flowers floating on water – looks a lot like dumpling wrappers xD


Monet’s bridge from afar


Walking along Monet’s famous bridge πŸ˜€


Monet’s house


My classmate and I dub this room “The Alice Room” πŸ˜€


My second favourite room in the whole house after “The Alice Room” is the kitchen

After this we also went to have my first dinner in a restaurant in Paris. Haha, I know I should have done it already, but over the past 3 weeks I haven’t been game enough to eat by myself in a restaurant for dinner :P.

The restaurants name wasΒ Je ThΓ©… Me, they have 4 menus a year for every season so the restaurant owner tells us. Oh and FYI good espresso coffee which I had with warm milk and a sugar on the side, if you crave coffee πŸ˜›


White asparagus with butter sauce mmm….


Leeks with poached egg


Quak Quak duck πŸ˜€

Following this dinner in the last week when my siblings came back from London, I took them also to eat at a nice French bistro called La Gauloise.


Raw and cooked vegetables. Very interesting combination as an entree

Bread was especially nice here, and for the first time ever it came with butter! I don’t know why, but apparently the French don’t serve their bread with butter at bistros I’ve been to over the past few weeks.


OH GOSH! The lentils in this dish…….. reminded me so much of mushroom soup haha…. Don’t know why, but it was SO TASTY!!!

As well as this we managed to squeeze in a little night life at the Eiffel tower, climb theΒ Arc Triomphe and eat a few pastries and ice cream.


Eiffel tower of a night time πŸ˜›


The Arc Tampines – we tumbled around on the streets for a good 40mins before we found how to get onto the round about with this monstrous monument


Little sister and I decide to climb this Arc….. felt like FOREVER!!


Spiraling up up up up.. We were never sure when it would end… so HOT in that stairwell.


But the view…. WAS AMAZINNNNNG! πŸ˜€


Hehehe…. The Mary Antoinette Tea flavour. I still prefer Pierre HermΓ© macaroons


Berthillon ice cream finally – I really enjoyed the pear sorbet!

My siblings stay with me only a total of 3 days, short but good to have people to go with to restaurants and experience Paris life. I still haven’t over come the challenge of dining alone especially out by myself for dinners 😦


My sister caught me on camera super happy finally buying my flower ice cream πŸ˜€ One of the few photos I have of myself on this adventure!

πŸ˜€ So these are some of the interesting things going on in the Hilda adventures of Paris life. I will now be off over the next couple of days enjoying my last few days in class at Le Cordon Bleu Paris. Also beginning to prepare for exams by memorizing 10 recipes and their methods for my exam next Wednesday.

Speak soon!

Hilda x

3 thoughts on “Paris Adventures & Le Cordon Bleu Training Update 3

  1. cmarkkk says:

    Glad to hear that you are recovering, and looks like you having an awesome time! The food looks amazing and your pastries look so delicious too!! Enjoy the rest of your time a la France!
    P.S: I volunteer to be your hungry beaver! πŸ˜›


  2. Sally says:

    Hilda just take a book with you when you eat alone! I know it is daunting. I have done it, but with a book……much better. Love the pix. Good luck with the exams. X Sally


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