Paris Adventures & Le Cordon Bleu Training Update 4


Time flies when you’re having fun πŸ˜€

I realised it’s 10 days since I’ve updated you all on the happenings of life here in Paris. SO much has happened and so many adventures to tell you about!

First I had exams and PASSED πŸ˜€ and graduation was yesterday πŸ˜€


Leading up to exams, practicals and demos were less stressful, because I knew that those recipes wouldn’t have to be committed to memory in case they were selected on the exam day for us to replicate to the judging chefs.


Pistachio log cake ~ In practical, the cuisine chef in the next kitchen comes in and states to our practical chef that it’s not “Christmas” yet. Apparently this cake is only found in pastry shops over Christmas time. πŸ˜›


Alhambra (Chocolate cake) ~ our demo chef asked us to make sure we make ROSES and not cabbages πŸ˜›


Pithivier (Three Kings Cake) ~ or how I like to refer to it as the sunflower puff pastry πŸ˜€

Over these past 10 days, Bastille Day also passed. On this day my classmate and I went to see a Chopin concert.


It was held in a shed like building, (but then πŸ˜› it looked like a tiny cottage rather than a shed) in the middle of a MASSIVE garden


On our way there, we walked around this big round about 4 times before we were able to find our bus stop πŸ˜€ but at least we found it in the end


I was quite surprised and so grateful that the bus driver on the way there went out of his way and asked passengers on the bus in French for us the directions to the park we were looking for from the bus stop we got off at. πŸ˜€ He totally made my day

In the night, we went to a lovely restaurant before meeting up with other classmates to watch the Bastille day fireworks (They went on for 35 minutes, but accompanied an almost 2.5hour struggle on the metro home)

The restaurants name wasΒ Chez Les Anges

The waitress here kindly translated each dish on the French menu to us. And hinted to us the best choices. We ended up going with the set menu ~$28 Euro. (SO CHEAP!!!! for elegant dinner, 3 courses!!! you’ll see)


Entree ~ mix of cold vegetables with a lemon mayonnaise


Lamb with seasonal vegetables

I was so stuffed after the second course, we had to ask our waiter to hold back on the dessert and have a coffee in between (almost an hour we waited for my stomach to settle) before I could even attempt dessert πŸ˜› )

Hehe, well I haven’t exactly been very diligent about exploring generally on days I have school, because generally after a day of class I’m so exhausted I just want to shower and sleep. But the Wednesday and Thursday leading up to exams the timetable allowed only one class per day. SO how could I pass up the opportunity to go and eat some Paris street food and go see the smiling lady at the Lourve πŸ˜€

On the Wednesday, I decided I’d go and eat fallafel’s. I don’t know if I’ve had them in Australia before, but let me tell you… THESE ARE THE BEST SANDWICHES EVER!!!!! AtΒ L’As du Fallafel


Fallafel – I went back 3 times in the last week!!!!!!!

It’s like a pita bread only fluffier, stuffed with pickled and unpickled cabbages, hommous, eggplant, special white sauce and light small golf ball sized fallafel’s. (I counted I got 10!!! In this sandwich. SO yummy.

Straight after class on Thursday I hoped on the Metro to Café Saint honoré, I had been here once before, but was disappointed when they told me the last serving of this dish was sold to the lady sitting next to me 😦


Salmon Tartare with tagliatelle root vegetables

BUT, this time πŸ˜€ I got to have it. It was so yummy!!!! Raw bits of salmon mixed through with herbs, oranges (this took me awhile to figure out the little bursts of juiciness when i chewed) held together by a tangy light mayonnaise. MMMMMMmmmm….. I still reminisce the flavours ofΒ this dish to this day a week and a bit later, because I have had other salmon tartares post this one, and haven’t found the same flavour. 😦

With a full tummy, I was able to tackle the long lines at The Lourve.


Under the glass pyramid. So magnificent πŸ˜€

I didn’t go straight to the info desk, rather straight to the ticket box, where I waited 25mins and then was told as a EEE (Student in Europe and being under 25years of age) I could enter for free with my passport and student ID. Wasted time, but nonetheless, I got to see this lady.


πŸ˜€ not as big as I thought, but still just wanted to glaze my eyes over this much well known painting which isn’t a poster, nor on post card πŸ˜›

After seeing this lady, I made my way home. I had difficulty finding the Metro, and stumbled across this


Love lock bridge

And had a fill of ice cream before I headed home for the night.

Over the last weekend in Paris, I decided to visit one of my Melbourne friend’s churches. I’d visited in my second week here in France, but wanted to return and say good bye to the lovely ladies who opened their home and cooked Asian food for me and also spent time together studying the word. The visit helped me stay sane because at that point I was extremely homesick. Thank you Ladies and Man of that home church ^^. Hope to see you all again one day.


It also just happened that on this weekend there where 2 Texas families and 2 other students from USA visiting this church πŸ˜€

The afternoon before exams, I decided I couldn’t study anymore so I headed out to try the hot chocolate from Angelina’s


I was told that their hot chocolate was the MUST TRY thing. But that it was about 2 servings full. It certainly filled me up and was very satisfying. It was a thick Italian kind of hot chocolate which was offset by the cream so that I could have the entire serving!!! Haha…well that night I didn’t eat dinner let’s just say. πŸ˜›

After our practical exams, my classmate and I we went on our last girls date EVER!!! As her husband was coming that night to take her to London after graduation 😦

We hopped off to MORA, a kitchen/pastry supply store and another ingredients store to buy a few things to send home.

We also couldn’t resist to hop two more pastry shops before we had dinner πŸ˜› at StohrerΒ and at Carl Marletti


Stohrer – Chocolate Eclair


Carl Marletti – famous for Lemon Tart πŸ˜€

After that, we took the Metro to our dinner destination. It was an unexpected pleasant surprise of modern French Cuisine atΒ Axuria


Decorations made with wine corks


Entree – crustaceans mousse with avocado salad & Salmon tartare


Main – Duck and seasonal vegetables

We’d eaten so much after finishing exams (2 pastries!!), because we were so happy we couldn’t stomach dessert. So we concluded our night with a farewell hug and to see each other for photos on graduation day Friday.

The day before graduation, I finally made my way to Sacre Coeur.


My little sister’s advice was to go early, but the earliest I could roll out of bed was 9.30am. Lucky I did, because by the time I came out of the church observing the prayers and beautiful stained glass it was super crowded with tourists.

DSC00810 DSC00815

BUT before I could reach this beautiful church, I had to climb a small mountain. Luckily I had had breakfast, no one prepared me (or rather I didn’t do my research) of the amount of stairs I’d have to climb from the Metro stop up to the surface. Then make my way to the bottom of the mountain of another 9 stories worth of stairs O_o


Climbed these stairs…. DID YOU KNOW!?!?! That it has a street sign for it? O_o


The street sign for the staircase street


Hehe… I was too cheap to pay for the tram that takes you up the stairs… and it was not too hot. But man! I have gotten fitter since school began. All that whipping of egg whites and cream πŸ˜›

At the very top, I was graced with these beautiful scenic views which WOOOAH’d!!! My mind stopped being annoyed at all the stairs and was captured by this scene of Paris.



After this sight I needed to go the toilet and I went to a shop that had a peculiar toilet I cannot not share with you all πŸ˜›


This toilet had 9!!! 9 toilet roll holders πŸ˜› so I guess you’ll never run out of toilet paper or be worried you won’t be able to find a refill for about 9 rolls πŸ˜›

This concludes, my adventures in Paris. As I am typing this it’s only a few hours before I must hand over the keys to the apartment which I have been staying in back to my land lord.


It truly has been an adventure of a lifetime which has grown my independence and confidence in myself. I have always dreamed of challenging myself in another country living on my own and going to school. Which have all been fulfilled through Paris adventures and Le Cordon Bleu Training. It has taught me how much I value my friends and family back home in Melbourne, but that doesn’t mean I won’t make new ones and have a blast. It have also realised that for me it really is the quality time and experiences spent with family and friends that form my greatest memories.


Thank you all for coming on this adventure with me so far. It is only the beginning :D. I have yet to figure out what I’m going to do with myself back in Melbourne (perhaps indefinite holiday for now? πŸ˜› ) . But first!!! Back to Hong Kong to see a few more of my family and friends.

I will keep updating as I go, and when I return to Melbourne hopefully after getting over jet lag I’ll post up more recipes for you all to come along for the ride too ^^

Au revoir Paris!

See you all back in Melbourne πŸ˜€

Love Hilda x

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