En Route home from Paris via Hong Kong adventures Update


HELLOOOOOoooooOOOoooo! From Hong Kong :D!

The flight from Paris to Hong Kong was shorter than the way there, only 10.5 hours. I’m not sure if it was because I couldn’t sleep from excitement the night before or just generally tired, but I was zonked out throughout the entire flight. It felt shorter than it really was haha… πŸ˜›

My very kind and loving uncle and cousin came to pick me up.Β They also broke news to me that we have 2 other housemates! Cold blooded housemates O_o



Kiwi - we caught him and put him in this container whilst my aunty cleaned out his dirty home (poop)

Kiwi – we caught him and put him in this container whilst my Aunty cleaned out his dirty home (poop)

After oo-doling at them for a good 2 hours, my cousin and I decided to find some dinner and dessert πŸ˜€


Beef brisket and Wonton noodles


Mango & pomelo sago

Oh! How I craved this whilst I was in Paris. The days leading up to leaving for Paris from Hong Kong on my first lay over we weren’t able to eat this, because it opens at 3pm – 11pm so super happy to find this place

On the first day out and about in Hong Kong, we went to buy yummy bugs! No actually they were super gross ><” meal worms and baby crickets.

Never in my LIFE have I been shopping for bugs so it was an experience haha πŸ˜› (I won’t show you photos, it creeps me out every time)

But before we bought critters we went to eat. πŸ˜€

For four years I’ve been thinking of going back to this place, I went with my sister 4 years ago, but didn’t know if I enjoyed it or not haha… but they were always on my mind when I thought about Hong Kong. And when I arrived in Hong Kong 6 weeks ago it was the first place I wanted to know if they were still opened for business. AND THEY WERE! πŸ˜€


Directions were requested by another cousin in Hong Kong, so here they are πŸ˜€ . Jump onto the MTR towards Tsuen Wan to Tsuen Wan station, And then show this picture to locals. And walk walk walk you will pass 3 glass doors before you reach the fourth building and it’s right at the end on your right.

Then look for this sign, it’s a store


Super delighted to know that this bowl of (I got mild) lightly sour and spicy sweet potato noodles was still available for me to enjoy. Choice of thick or thin noodles and with or without soup (we didn’t get without soup, but I think without soup would be fairly nice too!)


Thin noodles – I prefer this one cos it’s special zig zaggy


Thick noodles – caution! it’s very VERY VERY chewy, so make sure you have no braces or teeth/jaw issues if you attempt thick noodles

I think it’s the texture of the chewiness of the noodles teamed with the flavours of sweet and sour and spicy all at the same makes it so addictive! Give it a go if you’re in town πŸ˜€

On this particular day I was also craving these butter cookies with chocolate tops, which kinda shaped my love for butter as a child πŸ˜› You can really only find these at very traditional Chinese bread stores.


Butter cookie with chocolate – purchased by the oz. in a plastic bag πŸ˜€

Not every store sells them anymore because they aren’t really that popular these days due to supermarket convenience and price is cheaper (so it’s kind of a buy if you see product). On this particular day after buying food for the pets, my aunt, cousin and I came across a shop that sold them (today was a lucky day for me πŸ˜› )

Day 2 of lay over in Hong Kong, my aunt took me to a store mama Choy actually took her to awhile ago πŸ˜› How awesome is that !?!


Store made tofu stored on racks ready to be sliced when ordered πŸ˜€ take away or eat in


Customers would come up to this counter and tell the guy behind it what they wanted


Ready made raw tofu stuffed with mince meat ready to be fried in the pan next to it with a lady on the go to do it πŸ˜›


Fresh deep friend tofu puffs

It predominately sells tofu products, BUT it does sell some dim sums which we both had as well πŸ˜€


Pan fried mince meat stuffed tofu


Dou fu fa (tofu pudding) – served hot or cold then you add your own red sugar to taste. We had cold SO HOT! (super refreshing)


Chou Zhou Fen Guo – mince meat, peanut, coriander (subtle taste) wrapped in crystal – seriously the best one I’ve ever had EVER!!!! Make sure you pour some soya sauce over it


Rice cake & xiao mai in sweet sauce

Here are the instructions on how to get here.

You jump on any MTR line and make your way to Sham Shui Po and get off at Exit B1


When you exit there will be a 7/11 shop right on the left corner, walk towards it and turn left down the footpath on the 7/11 side. The shop runs along a market street, so there’s the main market column that runs down the middle and then the two sides where foot paths exist. Walk on the 7/11 shop.


It’s about 4 shops from the 7/11 shop. This is its name, but you’ll probably see the tofu before you look up to view the shop name. It’s very cramped the narrow footpath. πŸ˜€

In the afternoon I went to explore a ship called Logos Hope.


It’s a travelling boat book store. It’s HUGE!


The view from the side of the boat hole πŸ˜› pretty!

It only comes around once every two years to each of their chosen cities, usually major cities. I saw on their map that they go to Canberra. All the staff on board are volunteers, and if you choose to volunteer it’s a TWO YEAR COMMITMENT!



Anyway, back to the bookstore, it was pretty interesting haha because I didn’t realise that it was so popular I waited in line for about 50 minuets to get onto this boat. It’s pretty weird, when you walk around it’s okay feels like a normal book store, BUT when you stand still to open a book, you can really feel the boat pew pew pew’ing around on the water. Interesting experience.

Around the port there were also a lot of summer activities and exhibits seeing as it’s summer holidays here in Hong Kong. There was a Where’s Wally? exhibit, which was free and you just take photos around the scupltures. It was so hot, so I didn’t around and found myself some snacks πŸ˜›

DSC00891 DSC00892 DSC00893 DSC00894

I went to where I was supposed to meet a friend of my mum’s who watched me grow up and I see her every time I’m in Hong Kong. I found myself quite famished so I hunted outside for food. I had to wait like 1.5 hours before dinner would be served so… πŸ˜›

I haven’t seen taro ice cream in Melbourne much, and it is a childhood ice cream so I went hunting in the nearest circle K and 7/11 shops. But both seemed not to carry Peters taro ice creams in the individual packaging. So I asked the sales lady at circle K, and SHE TOLD ME PETERS NO LONGER MAKES THAT ICE CREAM 😦

DSC00900 DSC00896

But she did recommend this mochi taro ice cream, which I reluctantly agreed to buy. And boy was I glad I bought it… I loved it haha… yummmy.. Childhood memories of going to the park with my grandma whilst she was baby sitting us in the afternoon and being allowed to pick one ice cream to have for afternoon tea πŸ˜€

After I devoured that ice cream, a florescent lit store sign caught my eye


Directions: take the MTR to Tsim Sha Tsui go to exit N2. when you exit walk straight ahead to the corner where there is a Rolex store and you’ll see the fluorescent lights right opposite the Rolex store if there are no parked vans, otherwise cross the road and you’ll see it πŸ˜€

O_o Hong Kong EGG WAFFLES!!!!! I couldn’t resist. SO I ordered one batch.


Super yummy!!! Every egg waffle seller in Hong Kong has it’s own special area or texture. Not so much because of the ingredients but the technique in how it’s cooked on the waffle pan. This particular shop had a crispy outside and a chewy batter inside, which fills half the “egg” ball. When you bite into the ball and turn it towards yourself you’ll see what I mean.

Amazing fact! Which shows I’m so outdated from Hong Kong after not being here for 4 years. The bags which the egg waffles comes in has upgraded πŸ˜›


They used to come in paper bags with no holes, so when you got to the bottom of the waffles, they’d be soggy. BUT SOGGY NO MORE! πŸ˜€ These new bags have holes on both sides so that the steam from the freshly cooked waffles can be released leaving you with crispy moist waffles all the way through from beginning to the end of consumption. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

On Day 3, my cousin and I consumed SO MUCH FOOD. We pretty much food coma and ate our way through the day O_o

First we had late lunch with a childhood friend of mine which we both knew from church in Melbourne who decided to find job prospects in Hong Kong.

We sat here catching up on a few years worth of life in a few short hours, because we just hadn’t seen each other for so long. There will be more catching up to do because both my cousin and friend will be returning to Australia for brief visits soon πŸ˜€ (so excited, company on my break from work).

For afternoon tea we went to 3 places (haha… it was about 3pm when we finished lunch, so kind of literally after lunch we ate again πŸ˜› ).

First in our area was a place called MooMiCi


The store I went to was in Mong Kok but I cannot find the location on maps. SO go to the other store 😦 SORRY guys

They have like a pillow looking mochi (sweet rice cake) wrapped around a square piece of mango. FRESH MANGO!

DSC00914 DSC00917

The mochi was SO FLUFFY and not too thin nor too thick, chewy to bite off but melt in your mouth. I was surprised it was a whole piece of fresh mango, other times I’ve had this it’s always been a mix of diced mangoes and desiccated coconut. Worth a try if you’re in the area πŸ˜€

Our next destination, was a I place we attempted to go to in my first layover from Hong Kong to Paris 6 weeks ago. But we got lost and then when we found it 😦 it was closed for the few days I was in Hong Kong


Second attempt success πŸ˜€

It’s called Low Key Top Quality Main Stream SnacksΒ –Β Open daily, 2 p.m.-9.30 p.m. 低θͺΏι«˜ζ‰‹ε€§θ‘—ε°ι£Ÿ, shop B3, 76A off Shau Kei Wan Main Street

It is not opened every day, each month they take an extra few days off. So please go onto Facebook to find out updates. My cousin checked for us before we went so we would not have fail whale πŸ˜€


These waffels were again different in texture because of the different cooking technique. These were lighter and less chewy, more crispy with a chewy bite at the end. I was quite stuffed in the tummy at this point, so these light egg waffles were great!

Before heading grandma’s for the night for dinner, my cousin and I needed a pick me up. So we decided to head off to a cute and interesting cafe called Allegretto Cafe


To access this cafe, you need to enter the shopping mall, go up two escalator flights and turn right and go outside and find building 3. it’s just before you enter building 3.

It’s in a nice secluded area, quiet and nice away from PEOPLE! Hong Kong can get quite busy at times and people over load πŸ˜›


Cousin and I had one each. You must get the cappuccino to get the 3D coffee art!

DSC00932 DSC00935

With our full tummies we headed off to grandma’s for dinner πŸ˜›

I’ve only been back in Hong Kong literally 3 and half days and I’ve gained about 2.5kg that I lost in Paris. πŸ˜› BUUT I’m loving it πŸ˜€

Tomorrow is my final day in Hong Kong which will be spent with family on both sides dad’s side for brunch/lunch and mum’s side for afternoon tea/dinner.

I seriously can’t believe I’m getting on a plane Friday morning and by the night I’ll be back in Melbourne. Time has seriously flown O_o

See you all soon!

Love Hilda xx

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