Home Sweet Home

YAAAY!!!! 😀 I’m home.

Been back just about one week and it’s been a very busy busy busy week!

Coming off my flight, I was met by 4 amazing people who took time out to come pick me up after their long days at work and make me a poster. 😀


^^ This boy and crew welcoming me home, I’ve never had a sign held up for me at an airport arrivals hall s2

The first few days back were very refreshingly cold. HAHA!!! A good change from polluted Paris air and humid Hong Kong. I kept forgetting to dress enough, BUT thank goodness for cars as transport here in Melbourne.

My first order of business when I returned was…. you guessed it 😀 brunch with SOY MOCHA!


Super yummy hot chocolate 😀 and MOCHA – find it at Pillar of Salt

This is where I noticed the first change about myself since coming home. After two months without this sweet chocolity warm drink, and resorting to espressos with a side of milk and dash of sugar, I found out I think I prefer the stronger coffee tasting drinks O_o Haha didn’t think this day would come 😛

And also my Melbourne brunch food, we went back twice over two consecutive days, haha only because the second time we went bike riding and I didn’t want to ride onto the road to eat at another place I had planned to go to.


Kimchi Corn fritters 😀

I thought bike riding would be a fantastic idea to soak in the crispy unpolluted Melbourne air, but regretted it halfway and realised why people don’t ride bikes in the dead of winter. The wind HURTS YOUR EARS and makes me nauseous. But thank goodness for wind breaking coats 😛 yes I wore my helmet over my hood, to stop me from getting nauseous.


O_o PANCAAAKES!!! Aussie style

I also had my birthday this past week, and it was good to be able to see all my beloved friends and family for some quality time.


Cake made by my beautiful amazing creative neighbour, SO blessed every year she comes up with a new creation to wow me and our loved ones – Pistachio darquiose with strawberry mousse and vanilla sponge

Over this birthday week, I’ve been very blessed to be able to meet up with so may different people and get into their on goings in life. I actually forgot about jet lag 😛


Another beautiful shot of the birthday cake. I share a birthday with this beautiful girl on our right, every year we cut cake together since year 12 and enjoy time with our high school friends ^^


The lovely girls at lifegroup this week organised cake for the August birthdays. I realised we have SO MANY PEOPLE who are haha Christmas babies 😛

I also got taken to get my first EVER manicure. 😀 I know why women love this pampering now… HAHA someone said to me this week, “You have a face of a beautiful girl if you keep up good basic skin care, but your tom boy personality hinders you from doing so” – I’m just lazy 😛




After – 😀 I’d not attempted manicures before because of work reasons, but unemployment has granted me the opportunity to enjoy this

Apart from catching up with friends and family (siblings came back the day after me) and eating, that’s just a SUPER SUPER quick update on the happenings on returning back in Melbourne. I’m still settling back into life here and trying to find my routine in daily life.


😀 I love brunch – couldn’t resist showing you guys this one too from Three Monkey’s Place ^^

I’ve been fortunate enough whilst I am job searching and finding out what I want to do next, I am blessed to have parents support and told not to worry and enjoy life.

I have also been recipe trialing over the past week, haha A LOT OF FAILS 😦 . But I hope to share with you successful recipes in the coming weeks 😀 . I have found I like sharing with you guys all about Choyful adventures in Paris, I hope to share Choyful adventures Melbourne with you all too.

Watch this blog (only if you want 😛 )

Love, Hilda

2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Sally says:

    Hey Hilda don’t ever lose that, what did she say? Tom boy personality. I don’t agree that your personality is tomboy. Vivacious, cheerful, happy yes. A delight to have around. Enjoy Melbourne. With our clean air.

    Love Sally


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