What Minions Eat For Breakfast? – Moist Banana Bread


So what do minions eat for breakfast? 😛 Answer is BANANA! 3 meals a day every day

Banana is something I now associate with these cute little yellow creatures called Minions, since the movie trailer of Despicable Me 2 in 2014.

This week I was asked to put up my recipe for banana bread 😀 MY VERY FIRST RECIPE request (please request it is highly encouraged!) 😀 – banana bread

I hadn’t thought of blogging this recipe until my friend asked me to, so that they could make it for their new work colleagues to make friends (so… guys apparently bringing food to work will help you make friends, jump on the band wagon and start baking 😛 )


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Gooey Jaffa Hot Cross Buns

white chocolate chocolate chip hot cross buns

Easter is around the corner and I thought I’d attempt to make hot cross buns, since I hadn’t tried since home economics in year eight.

I remember as a kid growing up, the only hot cross buns you could find were the fruit filled ones. I would spread copious amounts of butter on them just to cover up the fruit peel taste. I was not a fan. But one day someone gave me a hot cross bun with CHOCOLATE in it, how could I say no O_o!? I remember it tasting like it was one of the most amazing creations ever! So, finally I could participate in the eating of “hot cross buns” over Easter with the same excitement as those who ate the fruit filled ones

hot cross bun

These buns when eaten warm are soft to bite into, with gooey chocolate chips oozing into your mouth as you chew. You can’t help but munch on them one after another according to my dad, who ate quite a number of them.

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