Orange Madeleines

Madeleines are a rich little French butter cake, characterised by its shell like shape with ridges on one side and a little buldge on the other.

They take time and patience to create (you have to sift the flour ingredients 3 times!!!)

But as a result you will be rewarded with madeleines with crispy browned outsides and soft spongy insides ­čśÇ

Some say a cross between a soft baked cookie and a dense Victorian sponge.

A little background on these pillowy delights.

They were made famous in a novel┬á‘Remembrance of Things Past’ by┬áMarcel Proust. Their origin is a little hazy, therefore different versions of its origin exist. The most common one is that they originated from the town of Commercy in the 18th century, in the region of Lorraine. A girl by the name of Madeleine served them at a high tea to the Duke of Lorraine, Stanislaw Lezczynski. He loved them so much, he named the little cakes after her.

After making them for myself, I think I know why he loved them so much. They snack size and are so good with a cup of tea!

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D.I.Y Up Cycling Egg Carton Gift (baby shower)

egg carton

As someone who bakes A LOT, I go through eggs like there is no tomorrow. Thus leaving stacks and stacks of empty egg cartons.

I was invited to my very first baby shower a few weeks ago. I decided it was a good time to see what I could do with at least one of these many cartons. I wanted to create a personalized yet practical gift for this new baby to come.

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