Home Sweet Home

YAAAY!!!! πŸ˜€ I’m home.

Been back just about one week and it’s been a very busy busy busy week!

Coming off my flight, I was met by 4 amazing people who took time out to come pick me up after their long days at work and make me a poster. πŸ˜€


^^ This boy and crew welcoming me home, I’ve never had a sign held up for me at an airport arrivals hall s2

The first few days back were very refreshingly cold. HAHA!!! A good change from polluted Paris air and humid Hong Kong. I kept forgetting to dress enough, BUT thank goodness for cars as transport here in Melbourne.

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En Route home from Paris via Hong Kong adventures Update


HELLOOOOOoooooOOOoooo! From Hong Kong :D!

The flight from Paris to Hong Kong was shorter than the way there, only 10.5 hours. I’m not sure if it was because I couldn’t sleep from excitement the night before or just generally tired, but I was zonked out throughout the entire flight. It felt shorter than it really was haha… πŸ˜›

My very kind and loving uncle and cousin came to pick me up.Β They also broke news to me that we have 2 other housemates! Cold blooded housemates O_o



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Paris Adventures & Le Cordon Bleu Training Update 3


Woah! Time really flies when you’re very badly sick and learning new things πŸ˜›

The weekend before last week, I had the company of my siblings for a few days in Paris.

Also thanks to my wonderful little brother I was graced with some Melbourne flu/cold thing which gave me fever of 38.5 degrees for 2 days and laryngitis. BUT! Really what doesn’t heal with time πŸ˜€ I’m a whole lot better this week a part from lingering sputum, which makes me cough every so often (gross I know, but I know it’ll be all gone by next week.)

But even when one is sick, we must keep making pastries πŸ˜›


Made so much bread it could feed 4 families O_o

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Paris adventures & Le Cordon Bleu Training update 2

Eiffiel tower

Hello :D!

Woah! I can’t believe it’s already halfway through the course, we’re at lesson 10 already :D.


Dacquoise cake with marzipan rose ( πŸ˜› first rose I ever made)

Although it’s getting more intense and challenging, I am learning new things about my physical strength. HAHA… everything at school is done BY HAND! Literally in this picture above, each class member had to whip up 5 egg whites to make the meringue sponges and 7 egg yolks with HOT cooked sugar and cold butter to make the beautiful praline buttercream.

Intense but FUN :D.

Here I must thank the people who have been praying for my wrist and encouraging me to keep positive. I was tentative at the beginning, because I felt a bit of aching pain after the first two lessons of making pastry dough and was afraid of my wrist would hurt more or worse re-injure myself. But it has been going very well, everyday my wrist has gotten stronger and I believe it’s 100% now and I’m no longer afraid πŸ˜€ THANK YOU!

The school timetable is pretty intense, but we’ve been lucky to be given 2 LONG weekends.

A classmate and I decided to take advantage of this long weekend to see a museum and patisserie hop. (:P haha, I know I am still able to eat pastries even though surrounded by it all day long at school.)

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Le Cordon Bleu training begins….

Apple Tart

Apple Tart

Hello! Apologies for not being on time with posts ><”

School began about 10 days ago, and I haven’t had a single real moment to reflect and think about what to share with all of you.

One word that keeps popping up is intense. The course is labeled “Intensive Basic Patisserie”, and let me assure you, it has been INTENSE!

Days usually comprise of at least one demonstration class (3 hours), where chef shows and teaches techniques you will have to replicate in practical class (3hours). A minimum of 6 hours of class a day. We’re already up to lesson 8, that is 48 hours of baking!!!

Madeleines - Apparently the

Madeleines – Apparently the “heads” on these pastries are its main feature O_o I’ve been displaying my madeleines the wrong way all this time

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Paris Adventures Before School Begins



I made it to Paris πŸ˜€ after a LOOOooOoNG 12 hour flight.

It’s two days before school begins, and I’ve already eaten and seen so many beautiful things here.

Let me take you on a tour of my version of the Parisian experience. Very limited at the moment, but let’s hope I can build up.

I’m living currently in an AirBnB hired apartment in the 15th arrondissement (kind of like a suburb which refer to as in Melbourne).

It’s a quiet suburban area but FULL of so many places to explore, although I did venture outside myΒ arrondissement too.

I’ll share with you the most memorable moments over the past few days, I’ll also link the address to the places in case ONE DAY you all decide to come to France for your own adventure πŸ˜€

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In transit to Paris ~ Hong Kong

Hong Kong tram

Hello from Hong Kong!

I arrived in Hong Kong two days ago and it is HOoOOoooOOT! (humid summers)

Over the last 2 and half days I’ve been eating my heart out πŸ˜€ with the foods I don’t normally get to eat so freely in Melbourne πŸ˜›

My dearest cousin has been on this munching journey with me πŸ˜€

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