Paris Adventures Before School Begins



I made it to Paris 😀 after a LOOOooOoNG 12 hour flight.

It’s two days before school begins, and I’ve already eaten and seen so many beautiful things here.

Let me take you on a tour of my version of the Parisian experience. Very limited at the moment, but let’s hope I can build up.

I’m living currently in an AirBnB hired apartment in the 15th arrondissement (kind of like a suburb which refer to as in Melbourne).

It’s a quiet suburban area but FULL of so many places to explore, although I did venture outside my arrondissement too.

I’ll share with you the most memorable moments over the past few days, I’ll also link the address to the places in case ONE DAY you all decide to come to France for your own adventure 😀

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In transit to Paris ~ Hong Kong

Hong Kong tram

Hello from Hong Kong!

I arrived in Hong Kong two days ago and it is HOoOOoooOOT! (humid summers)

Over the last 2 and half days I’ve been eating my heart out 😀 with the foods I don’t normally get to eat so freely in Melbourne 😛

My dearest cousin has been on this munching journey with me 😀

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Hello world,

First blog post up. We’ve just accomplished purchasing a domain name and also setting up this website all in a record time frame of 2 hours, in a lovely cafe. Just stole my dear friend Yvonne from baking & i in between her clinic work to successfully do this.

So excited for this new blogging adventure. And I think I just discovered my new working cafe, which we’ve both frequented and have watched the plants here grow over time. It’s a new cafe in Hawthorn, which I will blog about soon (Says Yvonne.. so I guess I better repay her with a nice post of one of her favourite cafes soon)

Bare with me as I navigate my way through this blogging world. It will consist mainly of my food stories, trials, cafe and restaurant adventures… and travels.  Do pop in to say hello to me.

Much Love,

Hilda xx